General Schedule

The festival will have two parts: a land part and a cruise part, all organized as follows:



Thursday 31 May - WARM-UP PARTY

Venue: Flamenco Center, Torsgatan 8A, Stockholm (located 5 min walk from Central Station, Stockholm City or Cityterminalen)

Let's warm up our hearts and feet for the awesome weekend ahead of us with 1h workshop and an awesome social dancing with instructors, taxidancers and the beautiful international and local participants already in graceful Stockholm.

NB: This is not included in the passes.


Friday 1 June - OFFICIAL START

Venue: Flamenco Center, Torsgatan 8A (located 5 min walk from the Cityterminalen and Centralstation)

Boom! Badaboomm! The fire is on, the heat is high. More workshops, more artists, more taxidancers, more participants. It means more joyfully crazy and smooth dances.


Venue: La Isla, Sankt Eriksgatan 51, Stockholm (located 3 min away from Central Station by metro "blue line", 2 stops)

Back on land in Stockholm after an intense 40 hours of feeling high on dance and in state of dance-hangover. We still have the energy to learn to dance, we are Kizomba-holic, Urban-Kiz-holic, Semba-holic, Afro-house-holic, ....etc-holic, ...etc-holic! More workshops, more social dancing, more party in fabulous LA ISLA.



Venue: Flamenco Center, Torsgatan 8A (located 5 min walk from the Cityterminalen and Centralstation) - Back to where we started.

Don't they say the farewell dances are always the best. Well, let's check it out then. This is just a farewell. A goodbye time, to come back next year, but a goodbye in the most memorable way. Would you remember your partner's name of the last dance at KiSS 2018 and the awesomeness of his or her dance with you? Let's see! Let's see!!! Workshops then party toward dawn.

NB: Next day is the Swedish National Day. If you stay till then, you enjoy a free very popular and huge outdoor dance parties with some beautiful friends full of joy and happiness (Recommended)


THE CRUISE - Saturday 2 to Monday 4

Venue: Cruiseship Isabelle of Tallink-Silja.

Port of embarkment: Stockholm Värtahamnen, Hamnpirsvägen 10, Stockholm.


40 hours of dancing almost non-stop - workshops, social rooms, multi-themed parties, with top instructors and DJs, skilled taxidancers and the beautifully awesomes participants from all over the world.


We board the cruiseship at 2pm and start the workshops and social room at 3pm. The cruise leaves Stockholm at 5pm for Riga, where it arrives next day at 11am.


In Riga we will have 2h of social dancing in the fabulous Old Town and share our dance passion with the locals.

We will have an opprtunity to visit that area of city center and enjoy the tasty meals of Lido, a well renown Latvian chain of restaurants. Note that at 3pm on Sunday, the workshops start again on Isabelle. At 5:30pm, she leaves Riga for Stockholm, where she arrives at 10:30 am on Monday.


NB: It is the only and unique almost 2 days of real Kizomba Cruise that exist in the world. It's really unique and if you have travel the world to many Kizomba events, you defintely want to add this one in your records. The atmosphere is truly unforgettable. And what about the dinner-buffet and the breakfast-buffet? Be the judge.



Passion, connection, coziness

invading the planet



The form, the style and the flow in a fusion translated into a movement of intesified heated energy.


Challenge, show and style

stirs attention



Obey the beat and follow the rhythm,

let it set you free.



Joy, body & mind freedom

in full expression



When you thought i would not be hotter than this, you were wrong.

Be prepeared to party

to the break of dawn.


This year festival


We are starting this festival in high fashion in Stockholm, then crossing the Baltic Sea to Riga on the Tallink-Silja cruiseship Isabelle dancing and mega-partying at sea. Workshops, social room, parties, crazy animation, making friends, amazing! We have distributed our instructors by dance type, wich can be observde on this page below. Also pop in later to see the DJs' schedule.

The workshops' schedule for Kizomba, Urban-Kiz, Semba, Tarraxinha, Lady Styling, Dancehall and Afro-House classes will be announced on this page later. Click any "Book Now" button to access information about workshops, party and cruise booking and to book. We will post soon our list of authorized promoters for available discount price. If you are on a social media follow us on Facebook to get details and information about news related to this year's KiSS Festival Sweden.

AfroDance Rhythm is a cultural organization registered and based in Sweden. Its main goal is to share and promote the widely diverse African culture through dance and music.

Festival details


Start date: Friday the 1st of June


End date: Tuesday the 5th of June


Location: Stockholm, Sweden



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KiSS Festival - Stockholm, Sweden


Phone: +46 70 996 75 57

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