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Biggy and Paps are part of the trio that is More Music Entertainment. They went to the same school. Paps has already been dancing on the Stockholm Underground dance scene when Biggy arrived to Sweden with a DJ background from the Gambian music and dance scene, where he earned the nickname Biggy More Music. They quickly connected because of their common interest and started to come up with ideas.


They started organizing parties, which got them booked at other events and sooner rather than later, they started playing out their concept in HipHop, Afrobeats, RnB and Dancehall in various clubs in Stockholm. Nowadays, you can hear them play at Sound Killa Club in this Nordic city. Their merits have taken them to different festivals and concerts, performing as foreband for artists such as Razor-b, Kranium, Alkaline, Selebobo, Bracket, Kiss Daniel and Viviane Chidid, and won them a best DJ award, the ”best DJ in hyping the ground”. They will control the sound in the dedicated party room for Dancehall, Afrobeat, Soca, Afro-Rouse, Regga, etc this summer at KiSS Festival Sweden.

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Start date: Friday the 1st of June


End date: Tuesday the 5th of June


Location: Stockholm, Sweden



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KiSS Festival - Stockholm, Sweden


Phone: +46 70 996 75 57

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