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Anastasia Smokotina (DJ SMArt) had been dancing almost always, from ballet and ballroom dancing in her childhood to hip-hop and go-go in adult life. In 2013, she discovered social dances that completely changed her life.


Later she began teaching Bachata and Salsa and was invited as a Bachata DJ for local parties. The same period Anastasia found her passion for kizomba and in 2015 started Kizomba DJing as well. Soon she became resident Kizomba DJ not only for local parties in St-Petersburg (Russia), but also in nearby Finland.


To date, djSMArt has already played at many Russian and foreign festivals and parties. Her sets are always diverse and omnigenous, including different styles of music, so you can travel in your dance through all shades of Kizomba universe.


Direct from Russia bringing the hotest beats to the dancefloor, check out the schedule when DJ SMArt plays next.

Check also out DJ SMArt playlist on and click on the link.

AfroDance Rhythm is a cultural organization registered and based in Sweden. Its main goal is to share and promote the widely diverse African culture through dance and music.

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Start date: Friday the 1st of June


End date: Tuesday the 5th of June


Location: Stockholm, Sweden



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