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CYRINA M’SOUL is a Tunisian Dancer and dance instructor who specializes in Afrohouse & Body Movement/Tarraxinha and owner of the 1st african dance school in tunisia : M'soul dance company. For 10 year since 1998, her focus was on Classic & Modern Dance. It then shifted to swimming between 2001 and 2005. She then get involved with Oriental dancing through a dance show group. Between 2008 and 2011 she won the Tunisian National and the North African swimming championships.

Her interest in fitness, aerobic & Zumba led her to win the Tunisian amateur fitness championship and the 2nd place Tunisian Professional Cups over 2012 – 2014.

She is a 1st degree instructor and a 1st degree spinning instructor. She got involved in Kizomba teaching from 2015 with her dance partner Saad Ksiski (Tunisian Africadancar champion).


She learnt Afro-House with the artistse Mandela Mandela and Akram Bouchiba. She started giving workshops of Tarraxinha, body movements and Afrohouse Ginga Groove in 2016.

Her teaching took her to countries such as Holland, France, Morocco, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, and Algeria, to name a few. Beside dancing, she is also a fitness and aerobics instructor.

Lady Styling | Tarraxinha


Lady Styling | Tarraxinha

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