Arnold Bunda

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Arnold Bunda


Originally from Cameroon, Arnold is a Kizomba, semba, Afrohouse and other African dances aficionado.

His passion has brought him already for the past 6 years all over Europe for classes, presentations and shows. He has also been part of jury on Kizomba competitions , and official Kizomba Nation represent for Germany at the well renowned event Africadancar, dance competition.


Classes with Arnold are a mixture of knowledge sharing and fun experience. He places a particular accent in basics mastery and detail awareness in his classes, and his footwork and ginga (body movement) has made him quite a reputation on the Kizomba Semba scene. Afrohouse, Kuduro or Azonto classes with him are the time to get loose and enjoy the music, while properly learning to groove on these rhythms from Africa.


With a pedagogy acquired from his ballroom and latin dances background, combined with courses and knowledge acquired from classes with some of the most respected trainers on the scene, Arnold thrives to make his classes a source of well being as well as self improvement in dance.




AfroDance Rhythm is a cultural organization registered and based in Sweden. Its main goal is to share and promote the widely diverse African culture through dance and music.

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