The people behind the festival

AfroDance Rhythm


AfroDance Rhythm is a non-profit cultural organization registered and based in Sweden.

Its main goal is to share and promote the widely diverse African culture through dance and music.


Its team members are of different nationalities and reside in different countries.

They have three things in common:

  • The love of how people can be united by dance and music
  • The desire to share this connection
  • The pleasure to spread joy in the heart of others.

We started out small, with big ambitions and heart we hired an old theater for the first festival.

Now we taking you across the sea.

Our History with KiSS Festival

After years of attending so many festivals around the world and seeing how Kizomba dancing could unite people from all the corners of the globe, we decided it would be so lovely to share the joy we have individually experienced with the young but growing Kizomba community in Sweden.

We gathered our efforts and in 2014 offered to the country its very first ever Kizomba festival, organized since then in the beautiful Scandinavian capital, Stockholm. We sought to make this festival friendly unifying one where we focus on the our participants need enjoyment. The festival seeks to gather dancers of Kizomba and those of the related dances, Semba, the now called Urban-Kiz, Tarraxhinha and Afro-House/Afro-Kuduro. After three edition, it was time to inovate with this wonderful concept of Kizomba On-Land and On-Cruise.


This year, the festival will be at its 5th edition but the 2nd one with a 40-hour cruise component. The 1st edition - 2017 - with the cruise was well appreciated and loved. We are therefore doing it again in 2018 but bigger, stronger and better.


With Kizomba in their heart


The team behind KiSS Festival Sweden 2018 is a very dynamic one with new members all spread around Europe and is working hard to welcome you in Stockholm, Riga and on the cruiseship on the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Latvia, and share with you what they have in their heart: the joy and pleasure of dancing.

For your workshops, they have selected some of the best world instructors of:

  • Kizomba
  • Urban-Kiz
  • Semba
  • Afro-House
  • Afro-Kuduro
  • Tarraxinha
  • Lady Styling



And for your parties some of the top world DJs to ensure you spend some quality time learning usefully and letting your soul happily float and your feet melodically glide on the beats of the


The KiSS Crew have made sure that you will enjoy the workshops and parties in Stockholm, Riga and on the cruise, that you will have available longer hours of social room, and that you can have access to quality and memorable dinner and breakfast buffets. Please visit the artists line up page for information about this year's instructors.

AfroDance Rhythm is a cultural organization registered and based in Sweden. Its main goal is to share and promote the widely diverse African culture through dance and music.

Festival details


Start date: Friday the 1st of June


End date: Tuesday the 5th of June


Location: Stockholm, Sweden



Get in Touch


KiSS Festival - Stockholm, Sweden

Email: info@kissfestival.com

Phone: +46 70 996 75 57

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